“For a couple years prior to weight loss surgery I did not have much of a life. I spent the majority of time in bed due to severe back and knee pain. I was headed for a wheelchair. In fact if I wanted to do anything such as visit a museum or go anywhere that required walking, I had to use a wheelchair. I avoided going into stores because the pain was so severe. Car trips left my knees swollen and throbbing. Walking from my bedroom to my kitchen often pushed me to tears. I was walking stooped over all of the time and avoiding movement as much as possible. The only time I did not have pain was while lying in bed, so that is where I was most of the time.

After losing weight, my knee pain totally disappeared and only occasionally do I have a twinge of pain. I still have back pain and sciatica, but it is only about 10% of what it was. I cannot walk long distances without rest, but can go to the mall, on outings, etc. without severe pain. My pain meds actually work now and did not really help before weight loss. I have a social life and get out often. I was able to return to work at my business if not full time, at least some hours each day. My depression was lifted and I have an entirely different outlook on life.

I am totally happy I chose weight loss surgery. I had always been able to lose weight in the past but could never keep it off. I never got my weight as low as I did after LAP-BAND surgery. My friends and family have reacted well to my lower weight, though it’s a bit of a change for family members to get used to seeing me thin. I feel like having the surgery was the best investment I ever made!”

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