“I finally reached my breaking point with the physical distress and emotional pain I suffered from the immense shame and embarrassment I experienced with being nearly 400 pounds. With great trepidation, I finally reached out of my comfort zone and attended a free seminar on at the Weight Loss Institute of Arizona. It was by far, the most courageous decision I had made in a long time. I am so very glad I did. My life has changed drastically. Nearly all my medical ailments have been eliminated. I no longer have serious high blood pressure issues, cholesterol numbers are good, and my joint and back pain has subsided. I no longer use a cane in order to walk. I’m ecstatic to be able to perform the simplest of tasks, such as tying my own shoes. Oh the joy! With the LAP-BAND, and of course, the full support of the staff at WLIA and that of family and friends, I am alive today! I am healthy and have all kinds of energy. I feel great! I walk, play, laugh and dance! I look great! I love life again! I love me again!”

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