Gastric Imbrication / Gastric Pilcation Information

Gastric Imbrication

At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, bariatric surgery procedures are customized to meet each patient’s unique needs. In order to achieve the best results for the most patients, we offer a full range of leading-edge bariatric procedures. Laparoscopic gastric imbrication, also called gastric plication, is an excellent choice for patients who may not be ideal candidates for a bypass procedure, the LAP-BAND® or the gastric sleeve procedure. Our surgeons have helped many women and men to attain a healthier weight and fuller life with this innovative and safe procedure.

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Understanding Gastric Imbrication

Gastric imbrication is a laparoscopic procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. In the procedure, the stomach is folded over and sutured multiple times, until the stomach pouch results in a sleeve-like configuration with a reduced capacity.

Because the stomach tissue is folded in on itself, rather than cut, the risk of leaks or narrowing is reduced. There is no cutting, stapling or re-routing (as in a bypass procedure) and there is not an implanted medical device (as in gastric banding.) Malabsorption, where the body is unable to process nutrients as effectively, is not an issue with a gastric imbrication procedure, because the digestive system remains intact while the size of the stomach is reduced.

The reduced stomach size allows the patient a feeling of fullness with a very small amount of food. As a result, the patient eats less and loses weight. The average weight loss can be between what is experienced with a gastric band or a gastric sleeve procedure; however, because the procedure is new, there is not a significant amount of data available. Although preliminary results have shown gastric imbrication to be advantageous, only a handful of procedures have been performed at this time.


Gastric imbrication offers many advantages to surgical weight loss patients including:

  • No intestinal re-routing
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safer than some other alternatives

Because there is no cutting or removing of tissue, the risk of surgical complications such as bleeding and infection is greatly reduced.

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